On Watching the Watcher: Reflecting on Interpreting my Emotions

by | Jul 7, 2019 | Musings | 2 comments

On Watching the Watcher

When I was driving this morning, I was listening to a Tim Ferris Podcast interview with Adam Savage. Adam was talking about his philosophy on watching the Watcher. This saying put words to a skill that I am trying to hone and improve over the past couple months or year. But in this current time, I can fully focus on it

This is where if I am feeling something, I try to notice that feeling and wonder, Why? Where is this coming from? Why do I feel this way or why is this feeling consuming me?. And in recognizing that the emotion is there, I can feel it and accept it, even if the emotion is not great, and then let it go. Or more so get down to the root of “Why?”.

I think distilling our feelings and understanding fully why we do things is very important and good for our growth as humans. This reflection allows us to spiritually and mentally understand ourselves better.

My Turning Point

I would say a big turning point in this kind of thinking for myself was when I was feeling that a lot of people didn’t understand me. This was when I was transitioning away from my “stable” job that was not fulfilling at all. I had a dream for something else. A lot of people would say leaving money was silly or self employment taxes are expensive. But to me, all of those hurdles were not important. I would be doing what I wanted to do. Yeah, paying taxes isn’t great but it is something that comes along with running your own business

I had a small revelation outside one day while I was playing with Lux in the backyard. I realized that I understand myself. So someone does understand me, and guess what, it’s me. Which is totally fine! I don’t need someone to understand my path fully or give me kudos for something I have done or agree with me all of the time. However, I do recognize the benefit of knowing people that do not agree with you, as it gives the other side of the picture. But! Recognizing that I truly understand myself and why I do certain things, is most important.

Following Your Truth

Following your own path is hard and it will be met with resistance. Maybe not all of the time, but there will be resistance in different areas than you expected. And in those moments of extreme doubt and insecurity, if you remember that you can keep reaching and that you can survive hard things, you will persevere.

You can do it.